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Refrigeration and HVAC systems are critical to the proper operation of your facility. Preventative maintenance is a major function for protecting your systems equipment. System malfunctions and breakdowns are one of the most costly occurrences in the refrigeration and HVAC industry. Whether it is scheduled preventative maintenance, upon demand or emergency service, DHR’s trained technicians are available and capable of addressing your system's specific issues, regardless of the manufacturer, type, or age. From the oldest R-12 units still in operation to the latest in alternative refrigerants like CO2 and Glycol DHR is ready to be your full service provider. With our extensive 24 hour service dispatch system we are able to send the right technician to correct the problem, the first time.

Our service and maintenance offerings for refrigeration and HVAC include:

  • Customized Service Maintenance Agreements
  • Time & Material repairs and maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Quoted Upon Demand Work

Service Agreements:

DHR has a multitude of service agreements available that can be custom designed and priced for a client’s specific needs and requirements. From an all-inclusive service contract to an equipment specific contract we have our clients covered. No matter the client’s size, location or the equipment type, DHR can create an economically feasible and high quality agreement. 

Time & Material:

For many of DHR’s costumers time and material work is desired. Time and material work is performed as the service issue dictates. Hourly rates for repairs, travel, and parts are agreed upon before work is performed. Whenever we perform time and material work for any clients the best suited technician is always selected for the service that needs to be performed. This enables DHR to fix the problem correctly the first tome and eliminate call backs. 

Preventative Maintenance:

DHR offers preventative maintenance programs as a solely separate agreement or in combination with our service agreements. Preventative maintenance is a key to avoiding costly break downs by inspecting, adjusting and cleaning your equipment. DHR has a number of different preventative maintenance programs and payment options. We offer monthly, quarterly, Bi-annual and annually based on our clients’ needs and budgets. These agreements are tailored to be as simple as filter changes on a quarterly basis or as extensive as monthly functions check, repairs, cleanings, leak detection, and filter changes.

Quoted Upon Demand Work:

Just as it is titled, DHR is available to quote and schedule service repairs. These can be scheduled for normal working hours, night time, or even weekend hours. Quoted and scheduled repairs normally offer a savings to our clients as these types of repairs are easily scheduled to reduce our normal and overtime service rates. Giving DHR the opportunity to inspect the equipment before making the repairs also gives us the opportunity to ascertain not only the number of service technicians needed and the amount of hours but also if an apprentice can be used in lieu of an additional technician further reducing our clients costs. The single thing favored by our clients about our quoted price repairs is knowing the cost of repairs will be up front.

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