With remodel, add-on and upon demand replacements, proper construction practices are even more critical to the operation of your equipment. Proper planning and execution of equipment replacement is critical in creating a quickly executed replacement while keeping lost sales to a minimum. DHR is experienced in a large array of different types of remodel projects from complete equipment replacement of full sized supermarkets to a single self-contained case in a convenient, drug or independent store.

Remodel phases and procedures:

  • Plan Review, Pre coordination, and site reviews by DHR professionals.
  • Professional  installation by highly trained and experienced installers familiar with all types of refrigeration and HVAC systems.
  • Project coordination with owners, engineer’s general contractors, and other key sub-contractors insuring a seamless installation.
  • Retail coordination with vendors and store personnel on complete picture understanding of the remodel and replacements process.
  • Extensive equipment start up procedure checking all functions and communications of the system.

Refrigerant Conversions:

The continuing mandate by government regulatory services to continue to reduce the amount of CFC and HCFC’s in the HVAC and refrigeration industry has kept DHR on the leading edge of refrigerant conversions.

From the latest blends of refrigerant to secondary refrigerants such as glycol and CO2 DHR has been has been a front runner in converting and servicing the safest and most environmentally friendly refrigerants available on the market today.