Project Management

Construction and Remodel Project Management:

Whether a new or a remodel project, proper project management is the key to a successful project. DHR’s project management starts with project conception and continues to the final satisfaction of our clients. Our Project management team is one of the most experienced in refrigeration and HVAC projects in the South East.

Our project managers are not only educated construction professionals but they also have the actual construction field experience to fully understand the different phasing and problems of the construction process as it applies to the field.

Project Conception:

Prior to ever committing to a project DHR operations and sales management insure that our man power and resources will be available throughout the duration of the project.

Project Turnover:

Regardless of a projects size our sales and operations teams go over all aspects of the project and the desired outcome and the expectations of all parties concerned most importantly, the desired satisfaction of the end user.

Project Field Commencement:

After the overall results of a project are understood and consensus has been reached as how best to achieve this objective our construction management team takes over.

Based on the size and complexity of the project it is assigned to one of our construction departments. After this has been done a project manager and foreman that are best suited for the project are assigned along with the personnel that best serves to complete a high quality project meeting the milestones and completion dates set by the end user. Project coordination and meetings are held and daily reports are done covering all aspects of the project and sent to the project manager.

Any issues that arise are brought to the attention of all pertinent parties involved with the project for a speedy and satisfactory resolution

Project Competition:

As the project nears its completion the assigned project manager and foreman schedule the equipment startup. At this time our highly trained technicians begin the processes of equipment startup and system functions test to ensure all equipment is operating at peak performance.

During this phase the project manager and our experienced administration team begins the job close out procedures. All as builds, equipment operating and warranty literature and owner training is scheduled and completed.


After the equipment has been tested and is running at required specified parameters and is accepted by the owner the DHR warranty begins. The project address and all other pertinent information is enter into our service system. Our emergency twenty four hour number is on file with our client for any equipment issues or questions that might arise during the warranty period.